by Valentine Becker


Added on by Valentine Becker.

I wandered around Celebration,  I'm fascinated by architectural details and the way light works around them.

Central FL kinda lacks in unique architecture so Celebration is refreshing.  Like the style or not,  it's different....

Wandering past the Celebration Hotel  (it's called a different name these days) I spied this classic Cadillac!  Sitting in front of a tropical-style hotel,  it conjured up Michael Corleone's business trip to Cuba in II.

Car details are great too!

Back on the farm my Dad had an old DeSoto station wagon that was built of steel.  Not crushed beer cans.  Steel.  I used to drive it around the fields when I was a kid.  One day I got it stuck in mud and it took us all day to plank it out.

All in all a refreshing walk around Celebration!